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The comm for MAJOR Dark Shadows fandom Wank

plus the ravings of the lunatic minority!

The Comm for MAJOR Dark Shadows Fandom Wank
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Fandom wank (and snark) in the world of Dark Shadows
Basically I, along with some fellow DS fans on LJ, were kinda cheesed off that some older, die-hard fans of the show have already decided, WAY ahead of the game and from just a few comments, that the new DS film is going to suck lycanthrope turds. So this fandom community was built to discuss how the show, the movies, all of Dark Shadows, is VURRUH, VURRUH SRS BIZNIZ, and how NO IT'S NOT IT'S JUST A COOL SHOW THAT EVEN THE ACTORS NOW CAN HAVE THE OCCASIONAL LAUGH OVER!

Seriously, we love DS, most of us with something close to a passion. But if even the people who were involved in the day-to-day production of the show can admit that it got a bit unintentionally campy at times, so can we.

And yes, the Comm designation is an homage to brb_collinwood. Deal with it.